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High-quality cosmetics from overseas to Japanese consumers.

Cosmetics from overseas make us realize the novelty that has never existed in Japan. In addition, there are many products that are in high demand in Japan, such as cosmetics produced by overseas influencers. We have the license of "cosmetics manufacturing and sales business" and "cosmetics manufacturing business (packaging, labeling, storage)". With these licenses we can support import and commercialization of your products through appropriate steps.

  • Regulatory compliance checkonline available

    We will check whether the cosmetics comply with the regulations, focusing on the possibility of import. Our strengths is that we have a lot of experience in it and can make relatively quick decisions.

    • Importability
    • Ingredient survey
    • Packaging label check
    • Regulatory analysis
  • Pharmaceutical analysis

    We will conduct a quantitative analysis focusing on the ingredients with legal regulations according to your request. We can also help you to analyze the quality, function, and post-sales complaint handling (alteration, foreign matter, etc.).

    • Quantitative analysis
    • Experimental analysis
    • Information analysis
    • Quality maintenance test
  • Notifications to government agencies

    We will make notifications to related organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Once accepted, the cosmetics can be officially imported.

    • Cosmetics notifications
    • Foreign manufacturer notifications
    • Other notifications
  • Customs clearance

    Customs clearance requires accurate information such as ingredients and country of origin. Staff who are familiar with the operation will check documents (Invoice, BL, etc.), collect the necessary information, and provide it to the customs broker.

    • Invoice
    • BL
  • Legalized manufacturing

    We perform professional checks for illegal expressions in advertising such as product features, usage methods, and catchphrases on websites or printed materials. We can also propose alternate expressions upon request.

    • Pharmaceutical check of packaging materials
    • Pharmaceutical check of website
    • Pharmaceutical check of printed matter