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We will provide cosmetics produced in Japan appropriately to consumers.

With thousands of prescription data in the past, we have supported the manufacture and sale of hundreds of cosmetics-related businesses. We have the license of "cosmetics manufacturing and sales business" and "cosmetics manufacturing business (packaging, labeling, storage)". With these licenses we can support the sale of products that have undergone legally appropriate processes.

  • Hearing / Issue definition

    For each customer, we work to define issues as one team centered on the dedicated person in charge. We’ll conduct deep hearings according to your request, such as segregating your own brand and organizing the market.

    • Exclusive person in charge
    • Remote
    • Face to face
  • Planning

    After a survey, we will propose a well-founded plan. In this process, we will inform you of support plans including foreseeable risk hedging and irregular correspondence.

    • Planning
    • Risk hedging
    • Irregular correspondence
  • Start of Business

    We manufacture products on-site that have been licensed for legalized manufacturing (cosmetics manufacturing and sales business, cosmetics manufacturing business (packaging, labeling, storage)), and deliver products that have undergone an appropriate process to our customers.

    • Shipment judgment
    • Legal record
  • Verification / Testing

    Depending on the results, we will look back on the process and verify it from the planning. We will carry out a quick verification cycle to improve the adjustment of communication between our customers and our company.

    • PDCA
    • Performance test